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Recently featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, the iHelios Radiant heating is our patented wafer-thin heating film. It can be placed within the ceiling, under floors, or in panels. This heating, compared to different electric heating systems, can reduce your energy consumption by between 30% to almost 100%.

Lead time4 weeks
SectorProfessional Services, Industrial
Target TypeB2C, B2B
DemographicConstruction companies
Website GoalGenerate sales and enquiries
ServicesWeb Design

The Challenge

This project was an opportunity to dominate search results across multiple domains and increase sales for the iHelios brand. A requirement for a bespoke calculator was also needed, which would provide accurate costings for iHelios materials based on room sizing information.

Post Launch Visual

iHelios heating system website design.
Revamped Design

The new website design makes use of more pages and the better content management offered by a WordPress environment.

Course Functions

We built functions to allow training courses to be signed up to and undertaken all on the same platform. This will be launched after the site in 2024.

Custom Calculator

The calculator function to provide customers quotes was interpreted and built against the existing one and is still subject to further improvements.

Post Launch Results

We focused on building upwards and outwards from the domain, but providing a clearer and more focused site for easier data consumption from multiple types of customers. We also built two calculator versions, one a fully featured tool for heavily detailed quotes and a simpler version for quick quotes only.


Keywords now registering on search engines compared to the site before.


Increase in organic traffic generated from keywords tracked in


Reduction in bounce rate from organic traffic when comparing before and after launch

The iHelios homepage, an innovative dating website.
Martina Woodworth ihelios
“The pressure was on to get this site scoped, built and the complex calculator rebuilt from the ground up all the while adhering to recent PR campaigns and I needn’t have worried, Better Ranking delivered with time to spare.”


The new website will significantly increase Peony & Magnolias market penetration and professional approach. Better Ranking created brand new custom graphics as well as a custom media delivery platform to better serve readers, maintain statistics and reduce Peony & Magnolias monthly overheads.

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