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Email & Lead Generation

Email & Lead Generation.

We provide email marketing and B2B lead generation services. We work closely work with you to nail down your target audience and create personas for the decision-makers (or influencers) you should be targeting.


Email Lead Generation?

First off, B2B companies typically have a lot better understanding of who their target market is. B2B products and services frequently address a particular need, making it easier to pinpoint the right audience to reach out to and get B2B email leads from.

If your business sells socks to consumers, you might have a basic sense of your target market’s gender, age, income, and possible interests, but this information would be far less detailed.

Additionally, it is typically lot simpler to contact these kinds of customers. You may quickly collect contact information through sign-ups for your email marketing lead generation by conducting events, webinars, or panels.

Using the sock company as an example, it would be impractically difficult to obtain the email addresses of every possible client in your target market without that person’s express agreement, and GDPR would make it illegal to do so anyway.



LinkedIn Lead Generation

One of the worst mistakes a B2B firm can make is not using LinkedIn for lead generating services or hiring assistance from a lead generation company!

Although there are methods we may use to find the email addresses of your target audience, LinkedIn simplifies the process.

Why is lead generating on LinkedIn successful?

With the ability to quickly identify the main decision-makers in your sales process, you can create a campaign that communicates directly to a variety of potential customers. According to job title, seniority, firm size, industry, and other criteria, you can filter your audience on LinkedIn.

However, generating leads requires more than simply sending a mass email to thousands of LinkedIn inboxes; there is an art to it.

How we aid in lead generation
We are a B2B lead generation company, thus we know exactly how to assist you. Prior to sending individualised, content-driven, automated message strings and initiating automatic follow-up, we assist warm-up potential customers and link you to them.

You can execute messaging campaigns and connector campaigns through LinkedIn’s lead generation services; each is appropriate in a different situation.

We are one of the top B2B lead generation firms in the UK, and as such, we have conducted several campaigns of this nature. As a result, we are skilled at producing high-quality leads on a budget, making your lead generation efforts worthwhile.

Cold Email Template v V2.1

Crafting the perfect B2B cold sales email is both an art and a science. They must include a compelling subject line and engaging message and be easy to read. If you’re struggling creating email copy, download our cold email template now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to those all important SEO questions.

What Is Email Lead Generation?

Email lead generation identifies potential customers and drives traffic to a website using email marketing techniques. We develop your email list using LinkedIn and other resources and manage your email campaigns from there.

Should I Be Doing Lead Generation?

A more qualified lead pool will result from efficient lead generation initiatives, which will also increase sales and revenue for your company. Focusing on lead creation will also help you increase credibility and brand recognition.

As a lead generation business, we are aware that having a lead generation plan is crucial if you want to draw in your target market and differentiate yourself in the crowded Fintech and Edtech markets.

How does The Lead Generation Work?

Campaigns for lead generation collect leads, such as prospective customers’ contact information, which can then be used in the sales funnel, such as in an email nurturing campaign. The lead generating strategies employed will be influenced by a number of variables, including your brand and your target market.

Should I Outsource Lead Generation?

Because it can be challenging to develop an efficient lead generation strategy, many organisations hire professionals to handle this job.

Your lead generation efforts will be worthwhile since a lead generation agency will develop a customised marketing plan that will engage your target demographic, increase leads, and generate sales.

Are you interested in more leads?

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