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NitNOT Limited

You may have seen NitNOT On BBC’s Dragons Den. They are revolutionising the HR Consultancy headed up by the enigmatic Alice Bromwich. They approached Better Ranking to update the look of the site as well as create media areas for the company’s newsletters and up-and-coming podcast episodes.

Lead time4 weeks
SectorMedical Services, Retail
Target TypeB2B
DemographicSupermarkets, Phramcist Contacts
Website GoalGenerate Sales
ServicesWeb Design, SEO

The Challenge

NitNOT wanted to move away from the monthly spend associated with selling on Shopify and move into a WordPress environment with e-commerce capability for strategy change down the line. At the moment, site is a signpost to Amazon as well as a central enquiry portal for customers.

Post Launch Visual

nitnot mockup
Ecommerce Enabled

While NitNOT are focusing on Amazon sales for the moment, an e-commerce site was essential for when online sales need to begin again.

Store Locator

NitNOT plan to offer their product throughout massive supermarket chains and this functionality was factored into the build ready.

Built For Speed & SEO

NitNOTs SEO footprint has increased significantly since site launch and is now ranking for important industry keywords and phrases.

Post Launch Results

We focused on adapting the site design into an effective and future proofed entity for NitNOT to ensure their strategic plans could be met.


More keywords now on page 1 of Google that they were not ranking for before the new website.


Increase in SEO health score to ensure the website performs as well as it technically.


Reduction in bounce rate from organic traffic when comparing before and after launch

“Better Ranking’s site and SEO work drove significant increases in the my site traffic. They worked closely with me and consistently delivered on time, allowing for a seamless workflow.”

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