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Peony & Magnolia

Peony & Magnolia is an exciting HR Consultancy headed up by the enigmatic founder Alice Bromwich. They approached Better Ranking to update the look of the site as well as create media areas for the company’s newsletters and up-and-coming podcast episodes.

Lead time6 weeks
SectorProfessional Services, Consultancy
Target TypeB2B
DemographicWealthy Property Owners
Website GoalGenerate Enquiries, Centralised Media
ServicesWeb Design

The Challenge

This project was all about brand trust and quality. We wanted to increase conversion for Alice through the website. Peony & Magnolia are a super strong HR brand and don’t necessarily rely on enquiries via social media or the website, but all businesses these days should be looking at these channels as a source of business.

Post Launch Visual

Newsletter Stats

The new website incorporated a service which was being paid for in meaning costs were high. The new site bought both these things under one roof.

Podcast Reservation

The Peony & Magnolia intended to launch a podcast, this was to be highlighted on the site and funnel customers through to Apple Music and Spotify.

Custom Graphics

The graphics, icons and photography used on the Peony & Magnolia site were custom and built specifically for the business and its customersl

Post Launch Results

We focused on transforming Peony & Magnolias site structure, speed as well as their professional approach by implementing a design that reassured visitors throughout the conversion funnel. This resulted in large improvements to both organic keyword positions and the online conversion rate


Keywords now on page 1 of Google that they were not ranking for before the new website


Increase in organic traffic generated from keywords tracked in


Reduction in bounce rate from organic traffic when comparing before and after launch

“We had a deadline to work to and despite outside factors throwing a few curve balls, we were able to launch a new site with little disruption to my business.”

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