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Regex Explained

A computer screen with the word "regex" on it, explained through regular expressions.

In the realm of programming and data processing, Regular Expressions (RegEx) stand as a cornerstone, offering unparalleled efficiency in text parsing, data validation, and string manipulation. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricate world of RegEx, a potent tool that…

Google vs Bing: Search Engine Comparison 2023

A book comparing the search engines Bing and Google.

When it comes to user choice and overall user experience, many people in the Bing vs. Google discussion would instinctively believe that Google wins out over both consumers and digital marketers. Even if Google still holds an 83.84% market share…

What KPI’s Should You Use For SEO?

The value of SEO is amplified through the use of KPP strategies.

SEO can be challenging to quantify. Rankings for keywords fluctuate, you have no control over Google’s search traffic, and it can occasionally be difficult to link conversions to a particular channel. How can you demonstrate progress and show value to…